Digital media explores the tools available to creatives to get their content out in front of an audience.

We examine the tools mechanisms and processes that allow growth, attraction, retention, and engagement of audiences.

Exploring ways to to build platforms, specifically on digital platforms.
We pick a platform develop a plan and do a case study on each.
Sharing the lessons learned and building audiences and allied artists efforts along the way.

We focus heavily on digital media because it allows unparalleled access to audiences across the globe.

By delivering value to them and helping them find solutions to their problems we can build mutually beneficial relationships and establish a positive loop that strengthens our efforts and allows us to pursue our mission fully.

Because we view digital media as important, and an area that is ripe for growth now and into the future we will build out training programs, develop best practice guidelines, and partner with our collaborators to ensure that they are using platforms effectively to boost their core messages and accomplish their overall goals.

Career Examples in Digital Media:

  • social media manager
  • web content manager
  • multimedia specialist
  • digital media specialist
  • content test specialist
  • game designer
  • media planner
  • blogger
  • digital engagement specialist
  • brand coordinator
  • content coordinator
  • content writer
  • graphic designer
  • digital content editor
  • social media communications strategist
  • digital photographer
  • ¬†technical writer