What is New Media?

New media is defined as a
means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.

We Flow focuses heavily on understanding and innovating with new media because it allows creators to reach their audiences directly.

While old media has large startup costs, and gatekeepers, new media allows for reach that was previously limited to a handful of established conglomerates.

Looking at the US ownership groups for radio stations, televisions channels, and the consildation of newspapers. There is a clear picture of a deficit of diversity of opinions interests and messaging.

Additionally the old media models are typically supported by advertisers only, this limits what can be created to media that is advertiser friendly. The focus is on maintaining audience attention with no care or concern for the well-being of the audience.

We flow focuses on producing engaging new media content and that benefits our audience and supports the diverse needs of the communities we serve.

Why We Focus on New Media

We view New Media as a pathway to meet the needs of creatives and the causes they serve.

The digitization and connection of the world has opened up pathways and opportunity for creatives to reach a core audience and find support.

Where once, the gate keepers of newspapers, television stations, and movie studios were the main pathway forward.
Now we have more opportunities than ever to create a sustainable stable life that allows you to create and meet your financial needs while pursoing that path.

We will explore the channels, mechanisms, strategies, and pathways available to creatives, and build out collaborative projects to demonstrate how it is done well.

We will interview and explore the techniques and methods of those who are successful in new media, and create tools and resources to help creatives create.

Benefits of New Media

New media has many advantages over older mediums a few are.

Low barrier to entry
Audience Communication
Advanced Analytics
Global distribution

Our New Media Missions

  • Discovery
  • Creation
  • Curation
  • Publication
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Improvement
  • Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Sustainable models

New Media Examples

Social Networking

Image Sharing Sites

Video Sharing Sites
Daily Motion

Social community and discussion
Yahoo answers